Welcome Message from the Director FIMUCITÉ 6

Last year, we celebrated our fifth anniversary. In its 2012 edition, Fimucité continues being a fact. A festival that, stronger every time, is expecting a great amount of film music fans from our country and from outside our frontiers, in an unavoidable event that receives the best representatives of this art form every summer. We strongly spread the film music world, and any initiative that promotes the twinning of similar events has always joyed us. Not in vain, Fimucité and the Festiwal Muzyki Filmowej (FMF) in Krakow have been joining forces, for three years, to disseminate the music composed for the audiovisual in two events where the real stars are the composers and the music they write. A film score is a work of art with its own entity that can and must be appreciated and enjoyed, regardless of whether it has been composed to go with motion pictures. This is one of...


Fimucité video presentation

Fimucité 6 official trailer


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